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The most informative program for learning, growing and implementing social and emotional learning in your classroom.

The brand new SEL Bootcamp Online Course is the first of its kind that not only explains the why of of SEL, but also how to implement actionable steps to get started like a pro.

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Before I tell you all about this program, let's talk about who this is really for ...

Jumpstart your journey to emotional intelligence with our SEL Bootcamp! This engaging course is designed to enhance your skills in managing emotions, building relationships, and improving regulation skills. Through interactive activities and expert guidance, you'll gain essential tools and strategies for improving classroom dynamics and creating a positve classroom vibe.

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Overwhelmed Educators: Ideal for teachers feeling the strain and needing practical strategies to rejuvenate both their classroom environment and their own well-being.

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SEL Newcomers: Perfect for educators just beginning their journey into social and emotional learning and looking for foundational knowledge and skills.

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Experienced SEL Practitioners: Great for those who have already started implementing SEL and want to deepen their understanding and expand their techniques.

What are the Deets?

This video course is the first of its kind ever created for practitioners by a practicioner. Lana and her staff used these strategies to transform their school moving from chaos to calm to establishing a nurturing environment for both students and staff.

5 Modules: The Course is designed to be completed sequentially

  • Module 1- The Basics of SEL

  • Module 2- Why start with the Adults?

  • Module 3- Coming into the Classroom

  • Module 4- Creating the Community

  • Module  5-  Designing a Cycle of Success

Enroll now to gain access to exclusive insights and practical techniques directly from Lana

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Empowering individuals with essential skills for personal and professional growth. Take the first step towards unlocking your potential and enroll now.

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Why wait? Take the leap into transformative education today. Led by Lana and her seasoned team, this groundbreaking video course offers practical strategies to create a nurturing environment. Enroll now and start making a difference.

For inquiries and other questions, please reach out to Empower yourself with SEL mastery today.

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