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Core Series for Schools

Transform your school's social and emotional learning (SEL) with our comprehensive 5-session program. Designed by Lana Penley with 11 years of principal leadership for educators, our SEL program focuses on building a supportive community, reducing stress, and enhancing joy through mindfulness.

Who Is This Course For?

Educators and school leaders seeking to enhance classroom dynamics and foster a resilient, emotionally intelligent school culture.

Children learning in kindergarden
Girl with Teacher

Why Take This Course?

Learn research-based SEL strategies to improve emotional regulation and communication skills, building stronger relationships within your school community.

Key Benefits

Receive comprehensive SEL training tailored for both adults and students, with practical tools to reduce stress and foster joy, guided by SEL expert Lana Penley.

Elementary School Teacher

Sample Agenda

Session 1

Introduction to SEL

  • Understanding SEL fundamentals

  • Building a foundation for emotional intelligence

Session 3

Emotional Regulation

  • Practical tools for managing emotions

  • Enhancing student self-awareness

Session 2

Mindfulness in the Classroom

  • Techniques for reducing stress

  • Strategies for fostering joy and resilience

Session 4

Effective Communication

  • Developing empathetic listening skills

  • Conflict resolution strategies

Session 5

Creating a Supportive Community

  • Building strong teacher-student relationships

  • Engaging families in SEL practices

Lana's schoolwide SEL training helped my school become a calmer and kinder place-for both students and staff.

4th Grade Teacher

Why Choose Lana Penley?

SEL Advocate, Author, Keynote Speaker, Former Principal

Lana Penley brings years of expertise in SEL, providing actionable strategies that lead to meaningful growth for both educators and students. Her engaging and insightful approach ensures that your staff will be equipped with the skills to create a thriving, mindful school environment.

With a focus on both adult and student SEL, your staff will experience meaningful growth and learn actionable strategies to create a mindful classroom environment. Ready to transform your school's SEL approach?

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