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Unlocking SEL
Mindful Leaders


Mindful Leaders Network

Are you a stressed out school leaders, teetering on
the edge of burnout?

I have been where you are.

For me, the impetus to shift my priorities and practice self-care came from a school crisis.  I developed Mindful Leaders Network to teach you what I have learned so you don't have to have a crisis to make life affirming shifts. 

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In Mindful Leaders Network (MLN) we help leaders learn strategies to reduce their stress and increase their joy.

The amount of stress on school leaders has grown significantly over time. Nearly one quarter of all schools have a new principal each year.


If principals are the key driver for school change, we must direct focus to the wellbeing of the leader, providing actionable strategies to support their well-being.

Targets of MLN

  • Connect with their colleagues

  • Learn the impact of stress

  • Discover strategies to reduce stress and increase joy

  • Grow in self-awareness

MLN Focus Areas

  • Mindfulness-overview, definition, history

  • Stress and its effects

  • State of School Leadership Today

  • Overview of Mindfulness

  • Mindful Habits and Hacks

  •  Mindful Micropractices

  • Leveraging meditation to mitigate stress

  • Power of gratitude

  • Prioritizing mindful movement

  • Practicing the pause

  • Importance of rest

Teacher discussing lesson with student
 MLN Focus Areas

"Mindful Leaders Network made me a better leader and a better person."

Principal Portland Public

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