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Unlocking SEL Core Series For Schools

Unlocking SEL
Core Series

For Schools

11 Years of Principal Leadership in SEL delivered to your school in a simple 5 Step Blueprint.


This is the program you need to take your school to the next level.  Unlocking SEL is a  a multi-session hybrid SEL program with particular emphasis on the whole school community.  

We will partner with you to build a schoolwide blueprint for a successful SEL implementation.


Informed by CASEL, our program begins with the educator, teaching actionable strategies that can decrease stress and increase happiness, all through the lens of mindfulness. Next, we focus on student SEL, and finally, we put it all together into a school-wide SEL system. Our program was created by a K-12 educator for K-12 educators.

Your staff will:


  • Have a shared meaningful experience to build community

  • Learn Adult SEL strategies for decreasing stress and increasing joy

  • Build understanding of the big components of SEL

  • Learn the "8 Strategies of a Mindful Classroom"

 SAMPLE AGENDA Session Photos


Session 0

Intro call with admin

Sessions 1,2

All Staff - Adult SEL

Mindful Stress Reduction Strategies

Session 3,4

All Staff - Student SEL

7 Strategies of a Mindful Classroom

Session 5

Close out call with SEL team


Lana's schoolwide SEL training helped my school become a calmer and kinder place-for both students and staff.

-4th grade teacher

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