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SEL Advocate, Author, Keynote Speaker, Former Principal

Lana Penley, a renowned speaker, celebrated author, and esteemed former Principal, stands at the forefront of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). As the dynamic CEO and Co-Founder of Unlocking SEL, she brings 25 years of experience, shaping her groundbreaking, mindfulness-based approaches and solidifying her status as a preeminent voice in SEL.

Her upcoming publication, "Unlocking SEL: The 5 Keys to Transform Schools through Social and Emotional Learning," is set to be a game-changer in the field, offering a vital resource for educators and learners alike. Lana's prowess extends beyond writing; she is a dynamic speaker, captivating audiences at numerous events. Her unique blend of engaging storytelling, wit, genuine emotional connection, and her knack for delivering practical insights make her sessions unforgettable. Lana embodies the essence of mindfulness, advocating for its principles and living them, thereby providing profound insights into nurturing thriving educational environments.

Lana Penley's dedication to SEL transcends mere academic theory, manifesting as a deep, heartfelt commitment. Her contributions go beyond participation in educational conversations; she is a visionary, reshaping the education landscape. Lana Penley emerges as the quintessential mentor and leader for those on a quest for motivation and guidance in the world of SEL.

Lana has a unique ability to teach SEL strategies in a fun and engaging way.

Portland, Principal

Rising from the Ashes: Empowering Hearts and Minds

In the small town of Portland, Oregon, a devastating fire swept through the beloved Marysville School, leaving behind ashes and heartache. Among the rubble, Lana Penley, the school's principal, saw an opportunity to rebuild not just the physical structure, but also the emotional well-being of her students and staff.


With determination and a vision for healing, Lana set out to implement Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) practices that would help her school. Knowing that the trauma of the fire would linger long after the flames were extinguished, she turned to mindfulness as a tool for resilience.


But Lana knew that SEL wasn't just about individual practices—it was about building a supportive community. She encouraged open dialogue and empathy among her students, staff, parents, and community.


By the time the new Marysville School building was complete, it wasn't just a structure made of bricks and mortar—it was a symbol of resilience and community. Thanks to Lana's dedication to Social and Emotional Learning, the school rose from the ashes stronger than ever before, with a foundation built on mindfulness, empathy, and hope.

Whether you're an educator seeking to make a difference, a school leader looking to transform your institution, or a community member passionate about the future of education, Unlocking SEL offers a pathway to a more hopeful, humane, and effective model of schooling. Join the revolution and be part of the movement towards a future where every school is a beacon of emotional and intellectual well-being.

Data after Implementing SEL:


Reduction in Suspension Days


Reduction in Referrals

Our School became the city's highest-performing Title 1 School in math and reading.

I have been in education for more than 20 years. Lana's training was the best I have ever had.

4th Grade Teacher

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