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About Lana

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Lana Penley is a renowned speaker, celebrated author, and esteemed former principal, who stands at the forefront of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). As the dynamic CEO and Co-Founder of Unlocking SEL, she brings a wealth of 25 years of experience, shaping her groundbreaking, mindfulness-based approaches and solidifying her status as a preeminent voice in SEL.

Her upcoming publication, "Unlocking SEL: The SEL Blueprint to Social and Emotional Learning," is set to be a game-changer in the field, offering a vital resource for educators and learners alike. Lana's prowess extends far beyond the realms of writing; she is a dynamic speaker, captivating audiences at numerous events. Her unique blend of engaging storytelling, wit, and genuine emotional connection, coupled with her knack for delivering practical insights, makes her sessions unforgettable. Lana embodies the essence of mindfulness, not just advocating for its principles but living them, thereby providing profound insights into nurturing thriving educational environments.



Lana Penley's dedication to SEL transcends mere academic theory, manifesting as a deep, heartfelt commitment. Her contributions go beyond participation in educational conversations; she is a visionary, reshaping the landscape of education. For those on a quest for both motivation and guidance in the world of SEL, Lana Penley emerges as the quintessential mentor and leader.

Lana in Action

Lana has a unique ability to teach SEL strategies in a fun and engaging way.

Portland, Principal

Our Team

Dian Smith Headshot

Dian Smith

Chief Operating Officer

Dian has over 25 years of experience  in executive leadership, including a successful career with Kohler Company and President of Ann Sacks Tile and Stone.  Dian manages our operations, planning and client relationships. she does everything that Lana hates to do. :)


Dian is highly skilled in the world of business, loves sudoku,  and never met a crossword puzzle she can't complete.  

Quincy Photo


Director of Pawsitivity

Quincy is our certified emotional support pup.  He has been working in mindful schools for the past four years.  He brings his kisses and calming energy to work each day.  Quincy offers his services pro "bone-o".

He is available for keynotes speeches entitled, "Mindfulness for Mutts.

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