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SEL Jumpstart Online Course

This is more than just a course; it's a movement towards a more compassionate and effective teaching environment. By enrolling, you'll join a community of educators dedicated to fostering emotional intelligence and resilience in their students. With interactive modules, expert insights, and valuable resources, you will enhance your SEL skills and effectively integrate SEL practices. Whether you're new to SEL or looking to deepen your knowledge, Jumpstart is your gateway to impactful SEL implementation at your own pace.

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Transform Your Classroom with Social and Emotional Learning

Join the Jumpstart Online Course for Only $197!

Unlock the full potential of social and emotional learning (SEL) with our comprehensive Jumpstart Online Course. For a one-time payment of $197, gain access to interactive modules, expert insights, and practical tools designed to enhance your SEL skills and create a supportive, emotionally intelligent learning environment.

Who Is This Course For?

Educators and school staff seeking to integrate social and emotional learning (SEL) into their classrooms and schools.

Primary school classroom
Teacher and Student

Why Take This Course?

Participants will gain essential SEL tools and high-level strategies, practical applications, and expert insights to create a supportive and emotionally intelligent learning environment.

Key Benefits

Expect interactive modules, valuable resources, and actionable techniques to enhance SEL skills. Jumpstart is designed to help both newcomers to SEL and those looking to deepen their knowledge and effectiveness.

Raising Hands

This self-paced online course is a must for all educators-teachers and principals alike who are ready to turn the chaos of a classroom into a calmer and more compassionate environment. 

Portland Principal

Young Teacher

Course Breakdown


Introduction to SEL

  • Start your journey with a compelling introduction to SEL

  • Understanding its significance and the transformative impact SEL can have on both educators and students.


SEL for the Adult

  • Explore the importance of Adult SEL.

  • Understand how your own social and emotional well-being directly influences your ability to effectively teach and support your students.


Building a SEL Foundation

  • Delve into the core principles of SEL.

  • Learn the theory and research behind SEL, and discover why it is crucial for the holistic development of students.


Coming into the Classroom with Student SEL

  •  Gain practical strategies to implement SEL with your students, helping them develop essential skills like self-awareness, empathy, and resilience.


Bringing it All Together

  • Combine your newfound knowledge and skills.

  • Leave the course with two high-leverage strategies that will revolutionize your classroom and make a lasting impact on your students.

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