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Mindful Leaders Network

Enhance your leadership skills with a program designed to provide educational leaders with the tools and insights needed to create a mindful, emotionally intelligent school environment. Led by SEL expert Lana Penley, this series offers invaluable strategies to build a thriving school culture.

Who Is This Course For?

Educational leaders, including principals, administrators, and leadership teams, aiming to foster a mindful, emotionally intelligent school culture.


Why Take This Course?

Gain valuable tools and strategies for mindful leadership, enhancing self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and empathetic communication. This program equips leaders to build resilient teams and implement effective SEL practices school-wide.

Key Benefits

Receive comprehensive SEL training, practical techniques for sustaining mindful practices, and expert guidance from Lana Penley to drive transformative growth in your school’s leadership.

School Teacher

Sample Agenda

Session 1

Foundations of Mindful Leadership

  • Understanding the principles of mindful leadership

  • Cultivating self-awareness and emotional intelligence

Session 3

Leading with Empathy

  • Developing empathetic leadership skills

  • Addressing and managing conflict with compassion

Session 2

Building Resilient Teams

  • Strategies for fostering team cohesion and resilience

  • Enhancing communication and trust within your team

Session 4

Creating a Supportive School Culture

  • Implementing SEL practices school-wide

  • Engaging staff, students, and families in SEL initiatives

Session 5

Sustaining Mindful Practices

  • Techniques for maintaining mindfulness in leadership

  • Continuous improvement and reflection

Mindful Leaders Network made me a better leader and a better person.

Principal Portland Public

Why Choose Lana Penley?

SEL Advocate, Author, Keynote Speaker, Former Principal

Lana Penley brings a wealth of experience and expertise in SEL, providing leaders with actionable strategies to foster a thriving, emotionally intelligent school culture. Her engaging and insightful approach ensures transformative growth for your leadership team.

Ready to transform your leadership approach? Book Lana Penley and join the Mindful Leaders Network today!

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